Fàilte Mhòr Welcome to HA!

We’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time as many in our community are isolated, even without the added isolation that we find ourselves in right now. So, when our physical gatherings, workshops, talks and music sessions (rightly) had to be cancelled at short notice, making this blog a reality became our priority!

We hope you enjoy using this virtual space over the next while and make it your own.

If you would like to write a piece for our blog, or show what you have recently been working on through images, sound or video this is the place to share with your creative community. By doing so you will help us all to form that strong bond which we all need at this time.

Please send your contributions to sandra.kennedy@lanntair.com so that we can post them and develop this space.

Creative Challenge #5

Do something brave and good with your art

Send all work for inclusion to; sandra.kennedy@lanntar.com

This can be practical- eg reaching out to other artists to encourage them, and share what you have been working on. Or it can be creatively responding to the challenges you see around you locally or globally.

Artists have always engaged with what is going on in their world, and it takes a lot of courage to observe difficult times and explore painful themes.

In the islands we had a strong tradition of the bàrd Baile – the village bàrd who would make up songs about what or who they saw and found around them, and about what was currently happening globally too. Murdani Mast (Sandra’s dad) was one of them; more famously there was song writer/ bàrd Murchadh MacPharlan- bàrd Mhealbost who wrote songs about the everyday as well as the horrors of world wars, the Iolaire tradgedy, and the threat of the cold war. Probably our most celebrated Gaelic song is An Eala Bhan by Dòmhnall Ruadh Chorùna from North Uist.

Almost every village in the island would have had at least one bard, and they would enjoy sharing their songs with each other and getting feedback and encouragement. If there was ever an event, they would have a huge library in their heads for singing songs- especially at New Year and weddings.

Make your art a vehicle for understanding and knowledge with whatever artform you work in.
Being a brave artist means getting involved with your community- it’s brave because it demands compassion, commitment and skills. For this challenge think about what you could do with your art that is both good and brave.

This is a bit of a documentary about Murchadh MacPharlain


Black Lives Matter

Earlier this week we put out a call to the community for your banners in support of Black Lives Matter. Here is a selection of responses so far, all of which are now on display in the windows at An Lanntair. We're happy to display cloth banners on the building walls and to continue to put up your banners as we receive them - just email images, post them in or drop them off to us. Send us an email at info@lanntair.com if you'd like to arrange to drop off your banner. Thank you.



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